Permissionless Liquidity Management on Concentrated DEXs

DefiEdge provides the smartest solution to deploy liquidity and optimise yields on Concentrated DEXs

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Strategic Fusion

Optimal Efficiency, Advanced Tools, and Concentrated AMMs

DefiEdge strategically harnesses the potential of concentrated AMMs to optimize capital efficiency. Coupled with our signature Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO) and exclusive advanced liquidity management features, we provide a dynamic edge in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

DefiEdge Features

ALO, Multi-Dex, Multi-Range - Explore the new era of DeFi with DefiEdge.

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Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO)

Designed to dynamically adjust liquidity positions in response to market fluctuations, ALO aims for efficient capital utilization and aims to mitigate impermanent loss. Dive into DeFi with DefiEdge's ALO!

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Launch your Own Dex

Scale new heights in DeFi with DefiEdge. Explore, navigate, and even launch your own concentrated DEX in the realm of already integrated DEXes like Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and beyond!

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Multi-Range Support

Harness the flexibility of multi-range strategies. With DefiEdge, you can set multiple price ranges within a single strategy, allowing for more granular control and optimized returns across diverse market conditions.

Ecosystem Partners
We are proud to be associated with our partners. Their collaboration is an
indispensable factor for DefiEdge to create the next Defi Revolution
ETH L2 Blockchain
ETH L2 Blockchain
Rollup Network
1inch Protocol
DEX Aggregator
Decentralized Oracle
Solv Protocol
NFT Trading
Data Platform

Our Backers

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Market Maker
Market Maker
Market Maker
Sanctum Capital
Investment Firm
Zilliqa Fund
Creator Fund
Yuriy Myronovych
Quant & HFT Architect
Juan David
Founder, Keyrock
Kevin Beardsley
Head MM, Kraken
Amrit Kumar
Founder, Zilliqa


DefiEdge Team's relentless innovation and unmatched responsiveness make them the go-to choice. We are grateful to partner with such a dedicated team that consistently delivers and pushes the boundaries of what's possible with us. It's a privilege to collaborate with such a responsive and forward-thinking team.


Arbidex Core Team

DefiEdge offers a game-changing approach in the DeFi landscape by connecting liquidity providers with skilled strategy managers making UniswapV3 investments seamlessly efficient and much more effective.


Mojmir - zkBob Team

DefiEdge provides the smartest solution to deploy liquidity
and optimise yields on Concentrated DEXs
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